What Does SITECH Western Canada offer?

SITECH Western Canada target's the Heavy and Highway contractor. They are the distributor for the following products:

Trimble® Civil Engineering and Construction solutions:

  • Site positioning systems
  • Grading, excavation, and compaction systems
  • Paving systems
  • Field and office software

Trimble Construction Services products and services:

  • Asset management solutions
  • Office Software

Certain Cat® Connected Worksite Solutions for Cat machines, including:

  • Grading, excavation and compaction systems
  • Paving systems
  • Fleet management systems

How Does SITECH Western Canada Benefit The Contractor?

By offering the full portfolio of site wide solutions, products and services, SITECH Western Canada is in the best position to provide a comprehensive set of tailored technology solutions to any contractor.

The team at the SITECH Western Canada understands how to apply innovative construction technology to effectively solve some of the biggest challenges in the construction industry. They will guide contractors on how to leverage machine control systems for their entire fleet of heavy equipment, regardless of machine brand, along with Trimble's complete portfolio of Connected Site solutions-–Site Positioning Systems, Construction Asset Management Services, construction software and powerful wireless and internet-based infrastructure.

Working with their local SITECH dealership, contractors learn how easy it is to utilize technology that makes significant improvements in project workflow—dramatically increasing their production, improving their accuracy and lowering their operating costs. And the proof that it works: documented increases on their bottom-line.

With the addition of Trimble site-wide solutions to their heavy and highway projects, the contractor is in a more powerful competitive position in the marketplace. Whether they choose to start small or go all in, the expanded capability will enable them to earn the bid and be profitable, project after project.

Is SITECH a Global Brand?

Trimble is developing SITECH dealerships at a worldwide level. Over time the existing Trimble Heavy and Highway Construction Dealer Network will be converted to the SITECH Distribution brand.

Does Caterpillar Own Trimble?

No. Trimble is an independent company, listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange (TRMB).

Does The Cat Dealership Own SITECH Western Canada?

No. SITECHs are independent dealerships. Each specific situation is different, but in no case does Trimble allow a Caterpillar dealership to become a SITECH.

What Is The Relationship Between Trimble and Caterpillar?

Caterpillar like Trimble and their respective dealers recognize the importance of technology to their customers’ success. While Trimble and Caterpillar originally focused on machine control, they have expanded their business relationship to include fleet management solutions to improve productivity and lower costs. Trimble has and continues to work with all other heavy equipment manufacturers and their dealers to drive improved productivity and efficiency across the site.