The Spectra Precision®, the finest quality Construction Laser

Spectra Precision, a division of Trimble, manufactures the finest quality Construction Laser solutions in the world. SITECH Western Canada stocks a wide variety of Spectra Lasers, Auto Levels, and Optical Instruments along with spare parts and accessories to meet your needs. Our bench service technicians are fully trained and qualified to repair and calibrate Spectra instruments. To learn more about Spectra Precision and how their solutions can help your company, visit Spectra Precision or contact us.

GL612N and GL622N

product - GCS9003DscraperEasy-To-Use, Full Featured Automatic Grade Lasers.


GL412N and GL422N

product - GCS9003DscraperVersatile Grade Lasers with Vertical Alignment.


Laser Accessories

product - GCS9003DscraperA range of accessories are available for the Spectra Precision Laser products.