VisionLink can help you reduce costs and increase efficiency

VisionLink® Unified Fleet’s user friendly screens will display fleet information including: hours, miles, locations, idle time, asset status, asset utilization, and customer-defined asset states. This updated version features quick load times, simplified screens, easy-to-read content, good-sized buttons and simple navigation.

Key Features

  • Customizable dashboards, summaries, alerts & reports.
  • Mixed-fleet capable, supporting the AEMP telematics standard.
  • Improved mobile experience on tablets and phones.
  • Faster load times for larger fleets.
  • Task-focused applications to simplify the user experience.
  • Location, odometer and hour reporting.
  • Asset status (on, off, not reporting).
  • Asset states (In use, Maintenance, In transit, etc.).
  • Working, idle and run times.
  • Utilization percentage.
  • Fuel burn.

And more…

Get better visibility to your fleet and improve your bottom line with VisionLink Unified Fleet.