Construction Service & Support

Today's construction technology solutions represent a huge investment. And this investment can only benefit you if it is working properly out in the field, day-in, day-out. For this reason, SITECH offers unparalleled support, service, and training on every product that we sell. And this commitment to service continues long after you've signed the sales agreement.

Our support staff provides rapid-response, in-field support on all of our Machine Control products, meaning that your heavy equipment is out there moving dirt, and staying productive. In addition to this unique support initiative, SITECH also maintains Trimble Factory Authorized bench service facilities that are capable of servicing even the most intricate construction tools.

On the training side, SITECH offers a variety of training courses. These unique, hands-on courses are available in a wide variety of topics and products. From Site Modeling to In-Field stakeout, these training events provide you with a real-world training environment that you can immediately put to work within your organization. Additionally, these courses also provide fully-illustrated documentation and manuals, allowing you to review and refresh your knowledge long after the class has ended.

Taken together, SITECH partners with each and every customer, to help them reach their highest potential.