Enhance your mapping projects with a special offer on the Wingtra One bundle

For a limited time, get the bundle for just $28,995.00 plus tax and shipping, available from May 1 to May 31, 2024.

This bundle includes the advanced Wingtra One Gen II drone, equipped with a Sony 24 MP camera for high-precision imaging, and PPK licensing for added accuracy. 

Wingtra Gen 2 Wingtra Gen 2
Wingtra Gen 2 Wingtra Gen 2

The Wingtra One Gen II is designed for various uses like surveying, mining, construction, environmental research, and agriculture. It collects data up to 8 times faster than multicopter drones and 2 times faster than typical fixed-wing drones, allowing more time for data analysis and less time in the field. It offers exceptional accuracy and image quality, with horizontal accuracy up to 1 cm and GSD as precise as 0.7 cm/px. 

Built in Switzerland, the Wingtra One Gen II is durable and reliable, even under tough conditions, supported by Wingtra's excellent customer service. Take advantage of this exclusive deal through SITECH Western Canada only in May 2024 and improve your project efficiency and data quality with the Wingtra One bundle at a special price. Act quickly to secure your bundle.

Do a lot of work in a short time

With WingtraOne you get your data much faster than with other tools, even for large areas.

  • Cut mapping time
  • Lower labor costs
  • Reduce number of flights
WingtraOne Features

The WingtaOne UAV platform delivers best in class results for accuracy and ground sampling distance (GSD):

GSD down to 0.7 cm/px (0.3 in/px)

Absolute horizontal accuracy down to 1 cm

WingtraOne Zooming Quality

A drone that's easy to use

WingtraOne’s simplified workflow and intuitive system allows surveyors with little to no drone flight experience to fly with confidence after minimal training.

  • Small learning curve
  • Complete bundle to start from day one
  • Intuitive software and fully-automated flights
  • Top-rated customer support

Find out more about how surveying professionals in your industry have used the WingtraOne to improve decisions and reduce costs.

  • Civil construction
  • Forrestry
  • Minning and metals
  • Enviromental sustainability
  • Agriculture
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