Fast and accurate jobsite data every time

WingtraOne is an easy-to-use drone that delivers consistent, high-quality survey data faster and at a lower cost than other surveying tools.

Do a lot of work in a short time

With WingtraOne you get your data much faster than with other tools, even for large areas.

  • Cut mapping time
  • Lower labor costs
  • Reduce number of flights
WingtraOne Features

The WingtaOne UAV platform delivers best in class results for accuracy and ground sampling distance (GSD):

GSD down to 0.7 cm/px (0.3 in/px)

Absolute horizontal accuracy down to 1 cm

WingtraOne Zooming Quality

A drone that's easy to use

WingtraOne’s simplified workflow and intuitive system allows surveyors with little to no drone flight experience to fly with confidence after minimal training.

  • Small learning curve
  • Complete bundle to start from day one
  • Intuitive software and fully-automated flights
  • Top-rated customer support

Find out more about how surveying professionals in your industry have used the WingtraOne to improve decisions and reduce costs.

  • Civil construction
  • Forrestry
  • Minning and metals
  • Enviromental sustainability
  • Agriculture
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